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Marshall Agbo

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Artist磗 statement/biography:

My name is Marshall Agbo,a German artist of Nigerian descent,orientation and mentality.Born in Opoji-Ekpoma,Nigeria on Jan. 21,1969,I discovered my artistic talent at a young age.I started to draw and sculpt all throgh primary and secondary school as a hobby. Initially,my burning childhood desire was to be learned in the law (to be a lawyer) but with time,that dream gradually faded into the reality of becoming an artist majoring in sculpture as I had to switch off my study as a lawyer(which I already started) to the study of Fine Arts in a different university under the influence of my family who insisted that Law was a very risky profession (because of the general culture of non-supremacy of the Rule of Law in Nigeria,one could have his life snuffed out of him for trying to be objective in the practice of his profession,especially when that leads to your pitching your legal tent against a politically powerful person in society) and it was high time I explored my artistic talents! That was how my professional journey into the creative domain started. I attended the famous Ahmadu Bello University,Zaria,Nigeria better known in the art world as 创Zaria Art School创 where I bagged a degree in Fine Arts between 1988 and 1992. Since then,I have been in private pactice,spending a chunk of the time on human sculptural potraiture and general sculpture in different media both in-doors and out-doors which the Zaria Art School has adequately positioned me to be able to handle in Nigeria until 1996 when I had to re-locate to Germany.I am married to Mrs. Dupsy Agbo(formerly Dupsy Bazuaye) who was born to the prominent Bazuaye family in Benin City,Edo State, Nigeria. We live in Muelheim,Germany with our three kids,Gerald,Gerda and Gene Agbo. I have and will continue to think and live art till the end of my time.

Artist磗 Statement.
Art is a universal language.There is no barrier to the understanding of the language called 创art创. art is the equilibrium point of all the languages on earth. Art is fundamental and non-discriminatory in information disemination to people regardless of emotional background and status,class,mentality,exposure etc. A viable art piece has a particular meaning,message or/and experience for all and sundry.A reasonable art piece is one that puts everybody -reasonable and unreasonable people - into consideration in its disemination of information. Of all the branches of art,I chose sculpture-and perhaps,sculpture chose me-because of my appraisal of its power of communication and the lasting aesthetic experience that it imparts on its (permit me to use the word) 创prey创. A sculpture piece means and says the same things about itself in every language. Sculpture is so powerful as a universal means of communication. If my sculpture piece is able to send a powerful message about happenings in society-good or bad- in high and low places;if It磗 able to make a captivating sense to all regardless of cultural,linguistic,geographical,emotional,religious background etc;if my sculpture can be a mouth-piece for the oppressed in society;if my sculptures can (with its message) inflict humorous and sober moods on the souls and conscience of its audience as it respectively affects each persons sphere of activity in, or contribution to society and if above all,it is capable of unleashing a new and 创compulsive创 aesthetic experience on its 创prey创 with every succesive contact,that is,if it can make a new meaning or offer a new perspective to its story for as long as it is present and has contact with viewers, I consider it a successful sculpture piece. In other words,if a scupture piece is not most(or all)of the above,it is not worth the scarce space it occupies on earth.It is polution;it is trash!

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