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Jack Alexander

Foto: Katja Velmans
Kuenstler: © Jack Alexander

Jack Alexander

Artist - Mixed Media
Las Vegas, NV

"Inspired by Nature Without Depleting Nature"

From the time he was 3-years old, visionary artist Jack Alexander has expressed an uncanny artistic ability to move paint. Born with brushes in hand and a former life remembrance of his "Home World," he renders images of this and other world realities that fool the eye, warm the heart and touch the depths of Spirit.

Much of Jack's inspiration comes from a motivational Twin Flame entity he calls "Yohiel." This Guardian Angel has been directing, guiding and inspiring Jack's artwork ever since Jack's childhood -- and again, more recently, beginning in 1992.

Presently, he lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he works as a journeyman painter and professional muralist/faux-finisher. In 2007, he single-handedly refurbished and repainted the 35-foot high sky ceilings in the Le Village Buffet restaurant at the Paris Hotel-Casino and worked on the crew that painted and maintained the faux-wood and faux-marble on the trim, walls, and columns throughout the hotel, casino and boulevard shops. Since then, he has worked as both foreman and production painter on punch crews that have finished the "Dos Caminos Restaurant" at the Venetian Palazzo Hotel-Casino Resort, the Concierge Suites and Lounge at the Venetian Palazzo Hotel-Casino Resort and the North Tower rooms and suites at the Mirage Hotel-Casino.

Jack has also been actively involved in the ongoing development of the Las Vegas "Arts District," where he has exhibited his artwork on "First Fridays" in group shows conducted by wineNart at Artistic Ironworkds. His life's mission focuses on the design and eventual implementation of a first-of-its kind, self-sustainable, eco-architectural model that has the potential to provide a limitless source of food, energy, and livelihood for millions of on-site residents. In Las Vegas, he has been working on the adaptation of this concept for use in the hospitality industry. He also works after hours, creating various-sized fine art canvases and wood panel boards.

All this gives expression in oils, acrylics and architectural design to his global mindset, futuristic ideals, San Francisco upbringing and recent 8-year sojourn to Bali, Indonesia. To hear him tell of his plans or recount some of his experiences, they sound grandiose and unimaginable -- until you've viewed his artwork.

Best described, his paintings are a cutting-edge combination of realism, surrealism and visionary art -- a blend of Michelangelo, Salvadore Dali and Leonardo daVinci. His paintings depict other world realms as well as "art-fantastique" concepts. Over the past 10 to 15 years, he has won prestigious awards and achieved international acclaim for his extraordinary use of color, light, and movement. Clients and collectors from all over the world credit his images, faux-finishes and architectual concepts as having healing properties.

University trained in fine art and design, Jack is exceptional at his craft and pays particular attention to detail. Much of his commissioned work is repeat business, involving referrals from satisfied customers. Individuals, homeowners and businessowners alike find his murals, paintings and surface treatments well worth the investment. He specializes in:

* Murals
* Portraits
* Original artwork
* Trompe l'oeil ("Fool the Eye")
* Self-sustainable eco-habitats
* Faux-finishing (marble, wood grain, oxidized metal, etc.)

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